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We are building 2.75km of two-way, fully segregated cycleway along the Coundon Road/Barker’s Butts Lane corridor linking the city centre with Coundon Green. This is being delivered as part of a package of measures to improve the air quality in Coventry. This will help to remove traffic from the section of Holyhead Road where Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels are at their greatest. This is being funded from a government grant specifically to deal with NO2.  This will also be the first route that will eventually lead to a strategic cycle network across the city.

Our aim is to provide an easy and comfortable cycling experience that new and existing cyclists feel confident using. The route is direct and gives cyclists protection from traffic and prioritised travel through junctions.

What is planned?

The cycleway will be a section of the highway dedicated for the use of people on cycles.  It will be positioned between the path and the road and will be physically separated from both using kerbs and a change in level. It will have priority over side roads that it crosses and it’s own traffic signals at junctions and crossings. The first phase of this work has now started on Westhill Road. 

Cycle route layout

Who is it aimed at?

The cycleway has been designed to help people that do not currently cycle because they fear for their safety.  In a recent survey across the West Midlands, the biggest reason given for people not cycling is that they are ‘concerned about safety’ and the second reason is that people state they are ‘not confident cycling’.

In response to the survey, more than three out of four people think cycling safety isn’t good enough – and even more think it isn’t good enough for children. The cycleway has been designed with safety as the main aim by physically separating people on cycles from vehicular traffic.  It will also be direct and comfortable to ride on.

Detailed plans

You can download the consultation plans There are 17 plans along the route. The first page you will see sheet to click on depending on which areas of the route you are most interested in. You can also see the amendments made following consultation which have now been approved. 

Any questions? 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 

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