Where and when to register a birth

Registering the birth

In England or Wales, all births must be registered within 42 days of the baby being born. The birth should be registered in the district where the baby was born. If the baby was born in Coventry then you can make an appointment online to register the birth. Due to COVID-19 it will be unlikely that you will get an appointment within 42 days of the birth, under the current circumstances it is acceptable to book the first available appointment. 

If the baby was born in Coventry but you cannot get to Coventry to register the birth then you can see a registrar in another district. The registrar will record the details on a form of declaration and send it to the registrar for the district where the birth took place. They will then enter the details in the birth register.

If you live outside the Coventry area in Warwickshire only but your baby was born in Coventry you will be able to register their birth at your local Warwickshire Register Office. You can find details of your nearest Register Office on the Warwickshire County Council website.

You don’t need to bring the baby to the registry office to show that the birth has taken place. The local health authority or the hospital where the birth took place will notify the registrar of the birth.


Certificates of the birth will be posted by the registrar for the district where the birth took place. If you are planning to apply for a passport for your child, the Passport Agency will need a 'full' birth certificate which includes the parents' names. These certificates are available after registration by ordering online or over the telephone on 024 7683 3141. You can buy as many as you want. The certificate fee is £11.00.  

Coventry Register Office runs an appointment system for registration. You can make an appointment online or you can call us to make an appointment.

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