Provider Funding Agreement 2023 - 2024

These terms and conditions set out the expectations between Coventry City Council (“the Council”) and (“Provider”) and refers to early year’s provision free of charge (sections 7 and 7A of the Childcare Act 2006) and free childcare (section 2 of the Childcare Act 2016) as the ‘free entitlement(s)’ or ‘free hours’ or a ‘free place’.

These terms apply to the 15 hour entitlement for the most disadvantaged two year olds, the 15 hour entitlement for parents of three and four year olds (the universal entitlement) and the additional 15 hours entitlement for working parents of three and four year olds (the extended entitlement). In addition to these, Disability Access Funding (DAF) and Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP).

The Provider Agreement is for:

  • Local authorities
  • Early years providers who are referred to as ‘Providers’ and include:
  • Early years providers and childminders registered on the Ofsted Early Years Register;
  • Childminders registered with a childminder agency that is registered with Ofsted;
  • Independent Schools and Academies taking children age two and over and which are exempt from registration with Ofsted as an early years provider.

The Parent and Carer Agreement is for:

  • Early years Providers, as set out above
  • Parents

The Council is committed to the delivery of high quality Early Education Places through supporting and monitoring provision in the city.

The Council and the Provider have agreed to enter into this agreement in order to provide the service of Early Education Places.

The Agreement shall come into effect on 1 September 2023 until 31 August 2024 unless terminated early in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

Once you have read the full Terms and Conditions you should complete and submit the Provider Funding Agreement Form. The Provider Funding Agreement form is for providers only and not for parents and carers.

If you are a parent, please contact the Early Years Team - for support and guidance on Early Years funding. 

Coventry Business, Sufficiency and Funding Team

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7697 5451