Disability Access Funding ( DAF)

Information for Providers

A Childcare Providers Guide to Disability Access Funding (DAF)

What is Disability Access Funding (DAF)?

Disability Access Funding (DAF) is an additional annual payment that is made directly to a child’s Early Year’s Childcare Provider.  It is for eligible children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  Disability Access Funding aims to help Childcare Providers make reasonable adjustments that support children with SEND to access their Early Education Entitlement.

Childcare Providers will receive an annual payment for each eligible child.  It is essential that Childcare Providers claim as soon as possible, as some children will be eligible for a second payment one year later if the child remains at the setting.

The payment facilitates Childcare Providers to make reasonable adjustments that support children with SEND to overcome barriers to participation.  This may include but is not limited to:

  • Paying for staff to access specialist training.
  • Purchasing specific resources which support a child with SEND.
  • Funding additional sessions

Which children are eligible to receive DAF?

Eligible children will be;

  • in receipt of the Universal Entitlement (15 hours) for 3-and-4-year-olds


Please note: 4-year-olds who are attending a School Reception Class place are not eligible for DAF.

Which Childcare Providers can claim DAF?

Any Childcare Provider who delivers Universal Entitlement funding can claim DAF for an eligible child. This includes;

  • Childminders
  • Day Nursery
  • Nursery Classes or other early years provision in schools
  • Pre-schools

What if a child attends two Childcare Providers?

If a child attends two different Childcare Providers to access their Universal Entitlement, e.g. 7 ½ hours per week with a Childminder and 7 ½ hours per week at a Preschool, Parents must nominate which Childcare Provider will receive the DAF payment.  This must be recorded on the relevant section on the Parent Funding Agreement.

How to submit a DAF claim?

  • Ensure the Parent complete the DAF section of the Parent Funding Agreement.
  • Obtain a copy of the child’s DLA award letter.
  • Submit the DAF claim via your Coventry Schools’ and Early Years Portal account.  You must upload a copy of the child’s DLA award letter. (Award letters must be returned to the Parent once you have made the claim)

For further support with making a DAF claim please refer to

If you have any questions or experience any difficulty submitting a DAF claim, please contact us by emailing EYProviderfundingl@coventry.gov.uk 

Will I be required to transfer DAF if a child leaves my setting before the end of the year?

If a child leaves the nominated DAF Childcare Provider once the DAF payment has been made, the funding will remain with that provider. DAF is not transferable and does not follow the child.

How can I use DAF to support a child with SEND? 

You should identify what reasonable adaptations or resources may be required to support the child to have equal access to the early years provision, by removing barriers which impact on their participation.

You should liaise with Parents about their child’s needs and engage with relevant professionals to ensure the DAF is spent appropriately. Relevant professionals may include the child’s Portage Worker; Educational Psychologist, SEND advisor; Physiotherapist; Occupational Therapist; Health Visitor etc.  

If you have more than one child in receipt of DAF, you may combine the funding to support adjustments or purchases that will benefit more than one child. Where you make purchases or complete work in relation to adjustments that exceed the amount of funding provided by DAF, you will be expected to fund the shortfall.

Childcare Providers are expected to keep evidence of how they have spent DAF and the impact it has made for children in receipt of it. Evidence may be requested by the Local Authority or Ofsted at any time. 

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