Provider Causing Concern Process ( PCCP)

Coventry’s Provider Causing Concern Process (PCCP) is a robust 4 stage process which aims to provide a package of intensive support to childcare providers, who are judged less than good, by Ofsted at inspection, or who have been asked to engage because they meet one of the additional criteria listed below. The aim of the PCCP is to support childcare providers to make swift and effective progress to raise the quality of provision, outcomes for children and achieve compliance with the statutory requirements for the delivery of early education funded places.

The Local Authority engage this process where providers fall into the following categories:

  • The childcare provider receives an inadequate or requires improvement Ofsted inspection outcome
  • Ofsted and / or the Local Authority are concerned about a safeguarding issue, or the quality of the provision being offered to children.
  • The childcare provider has not yet received a first inspection, but the Local Authority has concerns in relation to aspects of the provision.
  • The childcare provider has been set actions as the outcome of a Position of Trust (POT) meeting
  • The provider has failed to engage in the initial stages of the Early Education Compliance audit process
  • Following a second early education entitlement funding Compliance Audit, the childcare provider has not completed actions set by the Local Authority, within the agreed time scales and therefore has failed to comply with the requirements to deliver early education entitlement places.
  • The provider is a childminder who is registered with a Childminding Agency, who received an ineffective Ofsted judgement at their most recent inspection.

The stage that a Provider is required to engage at, is dependent on specific criteria. More details can be found in the individual stages’ documents (1 to 4 below)

Prior to entering the PCCP, a designated Officer will contact the Provider to notify them that the Local Authority requires them to enter the PCCP because they meet one or more of the triggers for concern. The Officer will explain which criteria the provider meets and why. This will be followed up by a letter from a senior member of the Provider Causing Concern Panel

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