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Find out about changes to:

Car parking

Find out about car parking and car park passes.

Parking, bus lane and bus gate enforcement

Find out about restrictions in Coventry and how to pay a penalty charge notice (PCN) for parking, bus lane or bus gate fines.

Restricted parking zones

It is illegal to park anywhere in the city centre other than in clearly defined bays.

Disabled Blue Badge Scheme

Find out more about the Disabled Blue Badge Scheme.

Disabled parking bays

Disabled parking bays are advisory markings put on the road outside a person's home

Access protection marking

An access protection marking is an advisory marking that can be used to highlight a dropped kerb.

Private car parks

Privately-run car parks in Coventry

Parking dispensation waiver

If a vehicle needs to be parked for longer than allowed or in a restricted area.

Residents' Parking Schemes

About the resident parking schemes in Coventry.

Car recharging

Find out where you can charge your electric car.

Report a parking problem

You can report a parking problem that is causing you concern.

Park and Ride

Find out about Coventry's Park and Ride scheme.

Parking bay suspension

Find out about parking bay suspensions and how to apply for one.

Parking services - privacy notice

Read our privacy notice.

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