Early Help Module (EHM)

The Early Help Module (EHM) is the recording system used by Coventry Children’s Services and its partners to record all of the early help work that takes place in the city.

The system is hosted by Coventry City Council but is used by any agency that works directly with children, young people and families.

Any service that provides support to a child, young person or family that is beyond their universal offer is classed as early help.

Having a shared system is recognised as being the most effective way to share information securely and avoid agencies recording in isolation.

We have included the step by step guide on how to use EHM and a series of instructional videos to accompany the guide.

If you require access to EHM or if you have any questions that arise from these videos please send them to [email protected]

View the playlist or select a video from the list below.


Getting started

The early help episode

How to start and complete the Troubled Families Form

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