HMO licensing

HMOs and planning permission

If you are converting a residential house into an HMO comprising six or fewer persons, you will not need to apply for planning permission for a change of use unless the property has restrictive planning conditions prohibiting such a change. However, if you are doing additional work in order to make the house HMO ready – for example, adding an extension or a new dormer – then planning permission may be required. See the Planning Portal website for more information.

If you are converting a residential house to an HMO comprising seven or more persons, or adding a seventh or greater person to an existing HMO, or providing cooking facilities within the bedrooms, then you will need to apply for change of use. You can do this online at

If you are converting a building that was not previously a residential house into an HMO, you may also require change of use – see the Planning Portal for more information.

You can see any current planning applications and submit comments at

Article 4

Article 4 is a piece of planning legislation which permits local authorities to require planning permission to be sought for an activity which would not normally require it. There are no Article 4 designations in Coventry which relate specifically to the development of HMOs. To see whether a property has any other Article 4 constraints against it, please visit and use the interactive map.

This department is not able to offer any further advice or information about planning legislation beyond that given above. If you have further queries, please visit the Planning Portal website.

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