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Crisis Awards

What is a Crisis Award?

A Crisis Award can be considered where:

  • There has been an unexpected event such as a flood or major fire at home, or
  • Due to emergency situation, you have no money to meet your daily living expenses, and
  • There is a serious risk to your health and safety, or to the health and safety of an immediate family member, as a result

Please note that we may ask you to supply evidence of your emergency or disaster.

Who can apply for a Crisis Award?

To apply for a Crisis Award, you must be:

  • A resident of Coventry
  • Aged 16 or over
  • Without enough money to meet the immediate needs of you or your family

Some people are excluded from claiming a Crisis Award, unless there are exceptional circumstances. In general, the following people are not entitled to a Crisis Award:

  • People who are ‘Subject to Immigration Control’
  • People who are in hospital or a care home
  • People who are in prison or lawfully detained
  • Members of a religious order who are fully maintained by the order
  • People subject to disallowances or sanctions to their Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment & Support Allowance or Universal Credit
  • People who have already made two Crisis Award claims in the current financial year

What is a serious risk to health and safety?

We consider your household circumstances to establish whether you are at immediate risk. This could include any medical conditions, disabilities or whether there are any young children in the family. 

We will look at helping you in the short term, usually until your next benefit payment or wage payment is due.

What does a Crisis Award cover?

A Crisis Award is intended to provide you with essential items in emergency situations:

  • Food (including formula milk)
  • Toiletries
  • Nappies
  • Electricity/Gas

Please note that we do not make payments in cash.

  • For food, we issue a food bank voucher. There are various places in Coventry where you can take the vouchers. The Foodbank scheme is run by a charity called The Trussell Trust. A supermarket spend card will only be issued in exceptional circumstances.
  • For electricity/gas, we use Paypoint vouchers. 

Support with energy bills during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your energy bills, the Government has agreed measures with energy suppliers to provide support to vulnerable customers. Find out about the help available.

Paypoint vouchers for British Gas customers

From 31 December 2019 we will no longer be able to issue Paypoint vouchers for British Gas customers. Please contact your provider if you require emergency funding with your prepayment meters. 

Evidence needed for a Crisis Award

We may ask you to provide some proof of your emergency or disaster.

For example, if you have suffered a major fire, flood or gas explosion at your home, we will need to see evidence of this from the emergency services, or your landlord if you live in a housing association property.

If you have had money stolen, or you have no money because your purse/wallet/bag has been stolen or lost, you will need to report the matter to the police and get a crime/lost property reference number.

We may ask you to provide proof that you have no money available.

How long will it take for the Council to decide my Crisis Award claim? 

If you apply before 1:30pm, as long as we have all the evidence we need, we will let you know our decision on the same working day.

How do I collect my Crisis Award?

Please note that during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we will be emailing, or texting you an award so that you do not need to visit the Customer Service Centre - please disregard the information below:

If we have agreed to give you a Crisis Award, you have to collect it from the Customer Service Centre at Broadgate House. We will let you know what time you can go to collect the award.

You will need to take some identification when you go to pick up the award. This could be your passport, driving licence or a recent letter or bill which shows your name and address.

Please note that we are not able to pay your travel costs to collect the award.


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