Welcome and introduction from the Director of Children’s Services

John Gregg
John Gregg, Director of Children's Services

Welcome to the 2022/2023 Foster Care Learning and Development Brochure.

Foster Carers are often described as the unsung heroes of Children’s Services. It is the relationship with a Carer that very often makes the real difference to the lives of our looked after children every day. Coventry values the tireless work of its Foster Carers and is keen that they are supported in their role.

In November 2022, Coventry’s Foster Carer’s Charter was relaunched, an opportunity to shine the light on the importance of working together and valuing the role of foster carers as a member of the team around the child. Everyone has a role to play in embedding the charter.

I want to thank everyone for all their work and support on this as we continue to embed this.

Throughout 2023/2024 you have continued to provide support to our vulnerable children and young people, and I thank you for the way in which each of you has risen to the task with determination, resilience, and creativity.

This training offer is one of the cornerstones of this support and is the hallmark of a good Fostering Service. I am delighted to introduce the Training and Development Brochure for Foster Carers for 2023-2024 and hope that the training opportunities within the portfolio will continue to meet your learning and needs development needs and support you in providing the best possible care. The Foster Care Learning and Development Brochure offers a comprehensive choice of courses, some delivered by Practitioners from the Fostering Service and other external trainers, all who are experts in their field. We hope that the mix of new virtual and face to face sessions provide assist in giving a more varied more variety and access to courses available.

You will note that some of many of the sessions will be delivered jointly with Supervising Social Workers, Children’s Social Workers, and staff across Children’s Services. This is part of the commitment to deliver a ‘team around the child’ approach to all looked after children and young people, relationships will be strengthened and the learning that we all take from the children we look after and will be shared.

The training courses have been arranged up to March 20242 and include a mix of face to face and virtual courses and an e-learning offer to vary your development opportunities.

Please attend any courses that are beneficial to you and speak to your Supervising Social Worker regularly about any further needs.

I want to thank you for everything you do to make a difference to our children’s lives.  

Best Wishes,

John Gregg
Director of Children’s Services