Training requirements for all Foster Carers

Training requirements for all of foster care

The national minimum standards for Foster Carers require all Carers to have a Personal Development Plan and participate in on-going learning and development. 

As a guideline it is expected that every Foster Carer participates in 20 hours of development activity every 12 months. This will often be through participating in the face to face and virtual learning outlined in this Learning and Development Brochure. 

However, development comes in many forms and can also include reading, research, mentoring and discussions. Carers can also access training in other roles which is transferable to their work as Carers. Your Supervising Social Worker will discuss with each of you in supervision learning needs and how these will be met.

Non-attendance at training courses

Whilst we understand that you will try your best to attend the relevant training opportunities, we also understand at times there may be emergencies throughout the year when you can’t attend a session that is booked. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, if you need to cancel, to enable us to offer this place to another delegate.

Please be advised that if you are booked on to a full day training course, you are expected to stay until the end of the day.