Course bookings

What training do I need?

Meet with your Supervising Social Worker/Manager and decide on your training and development needs, or refer to your Personal Development Plan in your Foster Carer Review.

Find and check courses

Check the course detail to ensure it meets your needs and there are available dates.

You must book on each course via the links below as courses are subject to change and at times can be cancelled due to low numbers.


Make a booking

Complete a booking through our booking system.

Virtual sessions

You should receive a link 3 days prior to the training to join a virtual session. Please contact us if you don’t receive a link. 

Training Options - E-Learning

Access e-learning

There is an extensive selection of e-learning courses. See AC Education Course flyer.

Please contact your supervising social worker to book on a course.

Facilities and Reasonable Adjustments

Coventry City Council is happy to consider any reasonable adjustments you may have. Please let us know in advance if there are any arrangements that need to be made on your behalf.