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For almost 20 years Research in Practice has supported Children’s Services workers in their efforts to improve the lives of children and families. We aim to make research and evidence accessible and easy to apply, to enable safer decision-making and robust child-centred practice.

As a Foster Carer or Special Guardian, the support and nurturing you give to children is invaluable. We understand that your role is both challenging and rewarding so keeping up to date with shifting policy and practice, understanding research, gaining insights into what is working well and what’s not, can be extremely time consuming and often daunting. Research in Practice can support you with this.

As a Carer employed by Coventry you can gain free access to the Research in Practice website.


You can download any of our resources at no cost. All of the publications and tools are jargon-free and give practical examples of how to apply research messages to practice. Once signed up, you can access resources.

Research in Practice also gives easy access to online learning modules which help you to understand the headline points on key topics.

 Once signed up, you can access the e-learning.

Fostering and adoption minisite

In addition to resources available on the Research in Practice website, there is also a host of training resources and materials targeted at people working in fostering and adoption on our freely accessible minisite.

This website hosts key research messages on a number of relevant topics including:

  • Attachment theory and research
  • Child development
  • Early brain development and maltreatment
  • Early childhood trauma
  • Impacts of delayed decision making
  • Communicating effectively with children and young people
  • Placement stability and permanence
  • Managing risks and benefits of contact