Bin tags

Why hasn’t my bin been emptied?

If we haven’t emptied your bin , the bin crew may have left a tag on in that tells you why we couldn’t empty it. The main reasons why we may not have been able to take it include:

  • it contained items we cannot collect. Putting the wrong items in your bins can contaminate the whole load and cause extra costs and problems with disposal. Find out what should go into your recycling (blue-lidded) bin, garden (brown-lidded) bin or rubbish (green-lidded) bin
  • it was too heavy – please take care to ensure that your bin is not too heavy and can be safely collected by our operatives. Overweight bins can break when lifted onto the vehicle for emptying.
  • it wasn’t presented at the right time / day – you can check your next scheduled collection day.
  • it was damaged and we couldn’t safely move / empty it – if your bin is broken or split you can request a replacement.
  • it wasn’t presented correctly – please make sure that your bins are presented outside your property where our operatives can safely get to them by 7am on your scheduled collection day. Handles should be placed facing the road to help our crews safely collect them.

What do I need to do now?

If your bin was too heavy or contained the wrong items you should remove the unauthorised or heavy/additional waste. Unfortunately, we cannot return to empty your bin until your next scheduled collection so you should return your bin to your property and put it back out for your next collection.

What if I have too much waste for my bin?

If have too much for your rubbish for your green-lidded bin visit the Coventry Recycling Club to find out more about reducing the amount of waste you produce and for tips on how to recycle more. Extra waste can be taken to the Household Recycling and Disposal Centre (the tip).

If you have a large family you may be eligible for additional bins to help you manage your waste. Details of requirements and how to apply.

The tip

Coventry residents can take extra waste to the Household Recycling and Disposal Centre (the tip) on London Road, Whitley. Advice on what can be taken to the tip and how to book your visit can be found at the link.

Bulky Waste Collection Service

The Council provides a bulky waste collection service for residents of the City for a small charge. Book a bulky waste collection.

Waste left by bins

If you have been left a tag about waste being left by the side of your bin please ensure that in future all of your waste is contained within your bins and the lid can be shut. Only waste contained within your bin should be collected and items left by the side may be dealt with as flytipping resulting in enforcement action.

Customer Services

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). If you do need to call us, please try to avoid our busiest times of lunchtime and early afternoon. Many queries relating to Council Tax, benefits or bin and bulky waste collections can be dealt with directly by logging into My Account.

Telephone: 08085 834333