Nip In the Bud

Short film (outlined below) and related factsheets:

British Dyslexia Society

See Dyslexia Differently- video-3 mins and a range of practical information about dyslexia

BBC Teach

5 short films to support teachers of pupils who have dyslexia, with a particular emphasis on 7-14 year-olds. These films offer practical suggestions on how best to support pupils, with lively graphics and clear advice from children themselves: 

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Maths
  4. The classroom
  5. Pupil Perspectives

Dyslexia SPLD Trust

A collaboration of voluntary and community organisations with funding from the Department for Education to provide reliable information to parents, teachers, schools and the wider sector. It acts as the important communication channel between government, leading dyslexia organisations, parents, schools, colleges, teachers and the sector. Website contains a range of resources.

High speed Training

Dyslexia Awareness Training | Online Course & Certification (highspeedtraining.co.uk) 

Amazing Things Project

Short videos to share with children to help understand different needs:

Scanning pens

In this sponsored webinar from Scanning Pens, SENCo and Head of Education for Scanning Pens, Julia Clouter, talks to Jim Bowen, about his experience of dyslexia both at school and as an adult, and the assistive technology he uses to support him. The webinar covers personal experience of dyslexia, difficulties experienced, the benefits of using a reader pen, getting the most from using a reader pen and additional resources.

Book Trust

This list aims to provide a range of books that may appeal to young people of seven years plus with reading difficulties. The list includes books that are particularly dyslexia-friendly, feature characters who struggle with reading or have a high interest level and low reading age.