Coventry CCT (Complex Communications Team)


Community Autism Support Service (CASS) launched to support families across Coventry and Warwickshire.

Nip in the Bud

A series of short films with Autism as their focus and related factsheets at the bottom of the page.   

  1. Dan and Charlie: 5 years on, life on the Autism Spectrum 9 mins
  2. Rachel: Life as a SENCO 14 mins
  3. Autism Spectrum: Tips for Teachers 5 mins
  4. Autism Spectrum Condition in Children Information Film 11 mins
  5. Autism and Co-existing Conditions in Children 10 mins
  6. Raising a Child with Autism: Carrie and David 12 mins
  7. Growing up with Autism: Tylan 10 mins
  8. Living with Autism: Dan and Charlie 19 mins

The Autism Education Trust

The Autism Education Trust is widening the reach of good autism practice and support to all professionals working with autistic children & young people. Browse their website to find out more about their professional development training programme, practical tools and FREE resources.

The Autism Education Trust Work-Based CPD Programme is an online, accessible video-based learning focused on developing autism awareness and good autism practice in schools- cost attached and log in required to find out more. 

A SENCOs Guide to Supporting Children with Autism

The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society provides diagnostic services, training, accreditation, consultancy and conferences, designed to support all professionals and organisations. Cost attached and log in required to access training. Quick reads on a range of difficulties associated with Autism, and a short 3 minute video titled 'What is Autism?'.

Advice and Guidance on Autistic Women and Girls

NASEN and Whole School SEND

Whole School SEND along with NASEN have produced some very good resources for use by schools. Most come for free when you have created a log in but you can also purchase CPD at a reasonable cost. See the following links:

Autism Spectrum Teacher/ Autism for Teachers

Resources and training for teachers and parents to support autistic children's learning and help them to thrive' with Autism Specialist Teacher, Steph Reed. A range of podcasts, free training, reasonably priced training and other resources including short videos.

Sensory processing and ASD

57 minute training session: Autism Research Institution

Books for Children

  • Book Trust: This booklist aims to provide a range of children's and teens' books that feature characters who are autistic, or who have Autistic Spectrum Conditions.
  • BIBIC- Top 5 book recommendations to understand autism.
  • Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ADHD Foundation

Difficulties at lunch or breaktimes

Creative Education

Amazing Things Project 

Short videos to share with children to help understand different needs:- 

Sensory audit for schools and classrooms

This sensory audit is to help staff to assess and create an environment that enables the participation of pupils with autism. It does not cover all aspects but gives ideas on the ways in which a setting might be altered if pupils experience sensory processing difficulties and find it hard or very anxiety-provoking to tolerate certain sensations or situations 37.1-Sensory-audit-tool-for-environments.pdf (