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Primary school admissions

In-year transfers/new arrivals

In-year transfers

When a child enters primary school or transfers at 11 to secondary school, it is normally expected that he or she will continue at his or her school throughout their school career. However, we do know that there may be times when a parent feels that a transfer is needed. As a parent, please think carefully before making an in year transfer request. A change of school may not be the solution and if undertaken hastily may worsen the situation. There is clear evidence that the attainment levels of children who move schools are significantly lower than those who remain at the same school throughout their primary education. Parents considering a transfer should also take into account that if you choose to move your child transport assistance will not be available.

How to apply

If you have just moved into the city, application forms for admission to school are available.

If you wish your child to transfer schools within Coventry please contact the school your child currently attends to discuss your request with them. This will give an opportunity to resolve any difficulties with the school. If a transfer is appropriate then you will need to complete the transfer application form.

If you wish to apply for in-year admission at Christ the King R.C. Primary School, Our Lady of the Assumption R.C. Primary School, St Mary and St Benedict R.C. Primary School, you may contact the school directly for admission.

If you are currently living overseas, and are intending to move to Coventry, or have recently moved to Coventry from overseas, and require a primary school place, you will only be able to apply once you have arrived in the country and have a residential address. You will then need to contact the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service on 024 7697 5491, who will arrange for one of their officers to visit your home address, and assist you in applying for a school place.

All applications are processed in a rolling programme, which means that parents will usually wait 7 to 13 working days for a decision to be made. Around school holidays when schools will be closed and unable to view applications, this period can be longer. Further details of this can be found below.

Round Opening date Closing date Date parents can call office for outcome
1 9 July 2019 31 August 2019 5 September 2019
2 1 September 2019 5 September 2019 12 September 2019
3 6 September 2019 12 September 2019 24 September 2019
4 13 September 2019 23 September 2019 7 October 2019
5 24 September 2019 4 October 2019 16 October 2019
6 5 October 2019 15 October 2019 29 October 2019
7 16 October 2019 28 October 2019 6 November 2019
8 29 October 2019 5 November 2019 13 November 2019
9 6 November 2019 12 November 2019 22 November 2019
10 13 November 2019 21 November 2019 4 December 2019
11 22 November 2019 3 December 2019 11 December 2019
12 4 December 2019 10 December 2019 18 December 2019
13 11 December 2019 17 December 2019 10 January 2020
14 18 December 2019 9 January 2020 21 January 2020
15 10 January 2020 20 January 2020 31 January 2020
16 21 January 2020 30 January 2020 7 February 2020
17 31 January 2020 6 February 2020 18 February 2020
18 7 February 2020 17 February 2020 5 March 2020
19 18 February 2020 4 March 2020 13 March 2020
20 5 March 2020 12 March 2020 24 March 2020
21 13 March 2020 23 March 2020 1 April 2020
22 24 March 2020 31 March 2020 9 April 2020
23 1 April 2020 8 April 2020 30 April 2020
24 9 April 2020 29 April 2020 7 May 2020
25 30 April 2020 6 May 2020 19 May 2020
26 7 May 2020 18 May 2020 5 June 2020
27 19 May 2020 4 June 2020 16 June 2020
28 5 June 2020 15 June 2020 26 June 2020
29 16 June 2020 25 June 2020 8 July 2020
30 26 June 2020 7 July 2020 17 July 2020
31 8 July 2020 31 August 2020 4 September 2020

* All forms must be received in the admissions office by 5pm on this date

Alternative schools

In some areas there is likely to be a small number of schools that have places available, particularly for some year groups. The distances your child has to travel may therefore be considerably longer. If there are places available, and you still would like a place at a particular school, your child will be placed on the waiting list for the school requested and you will have the right to appeal to an independent appeals panel. There is however, no guarantee that this would be successful. For information on a schools waiting list and appeal process, please view the schools admissions policy via

Whatever year group your child is in, it’s important that if you are considering moving schools, you need to make sure that the school you choose is the right one for your child. The best way to find this out is to visit the school you are interested in - speak to the headteacher (with an appointment) if you can.


If you decide to move your child, the Local Authority will NOT provide free transport even if you live outside the travel limits for the school (2 miles for key stage 1 and 3 miles for key stage 2). Journeys to a new school may involve additional buses, extra costs and travelling time.

Fair Access Protocol

All Coventry schools are required to sign up to an in-year fair access protocol. The aim of this protocol is to reduce the time that vulnerable children spend out of school and to ensure that vulnerable children are admitted to Coventry schools on a fair basis, making sure that no school is asked to take a disproportionate number of pupils presenting with challenging behaviour or who have been excluded. Any children that are considered to require a school place through this protocol will be given priority over those on waiting lists and can be admitted to schools even when the school is full.

Further details of the protocol are available from the Inclusion and Attendance team webpage .

Application for places outside the normal age group

Where a parent/carer seeks a place for their child outside their normal age group, they must state which year group they are requesting and why they want this year group on the application form. Parents/carers will then be contacted to discuss the matter further as requests will be considered on the circumstances of each case and in the child’s best interests. Each school governing body will need to make an individual decision. There are no guarantees that such applications will be agreed. However, where the application is not agreed a letter setting out the decision and reasons for it will be provided along with any rights to appeal.

Admissions team - Primary

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