Sarbjeet Bhambra – Principal Social Worker

Name: Sarb Bhambra 

Job Role: Principal Social Worker 

Year qualified: 2008 

Why I became a social worker: 

My degree was in Business Information Systems and my first job was in an Accounting and Finance team, where I was considering qualifying as an Accountant. At the same time, I realised I hated being confined to a desk and found myself watching the clock! I was doing some volunteering for a rape crisis helpline, and really enjoyed supporting people to make positive changes in their situations; so I moved to qualify in social work - a job where I have never “watched the clock”! My work always draws my interest and I enjoy knowing what I do contributes to positive things in children and young people’s lives.

Three tips for achieving good social work practice: 

  1. Remain open-minded and continue to learn-there is no place for complacency in social work when it comes to continuous professional development.
  2. Contribute to a supportive and positive team culture that allows you to be responsive to children when they need you. Keep the children we work for at the heart of everything you think and do in your practice, hearing and understanding their perspectives, views and lives 
  3. Keep solution-focused and your energies up, but most of all enjoy and grow your role-this job is within your gift!