Richard - Team Manager

Name: Richard

Job role: Team Manager

Year qualified: 2008

Why did you become a social worker?

After school I first went into catering and warehouse jobs until I completed 12 months of volunteering with a young person whose behaviour was causing education colleagues concerns. Whilst meeting the young person I began to realise what they had faced, lived through and why these experiences were being displayed as they were. This experience led me to want to help and support young people to channel their experiences in a more positive manner and to support children and families to improve their wellbeing. I then completed the social work degree and have focussed on children and families' wellbeing since.

Three tips for our ASYEs:

  1. Treat all children and families as you would want to be treated yourself, actively listen to children and families about their life journeys, positives, challenges and do what you say you will do,
  2. Social work is a very rewarding profession and it is a privilege to be able to help children and families in their times of need. However it can be tough on a personal level at times and it is important to ensure you have self-care strategies and maintain a good work life balance.
  3. Keep reflecting on what you have done and why you have done it in the way you did it. It is important to keep learning and reflecting on our practices and thoughts. Use your support network (colleagues, managers) to reflect with you.