Jo Reed - Senior Practitioner

Name:  Jo Reed

Job role: Senior Practitioner

Year qualified (as SW): 2011

Why did you become a social worker?

Previously I worked in the health and social care setting where I found myself interested in making a positive impact upon individuals life’s therefore decided to pursue a career as a social worker.  Initially, I did not consider working within the children’s sector as my previous experience was mental health, adult services, and management, but after my first placement working with vulnerable children and their families, I found this to be rewarding and gave me the opportunity to be mentally stimulated.  In addition, promoting positive change to families and ensuring the best outcomes for children. 

Three tips for our ASYEs:

  1. Self-care – as social work can be demanding and stressful it is important to find time for yourself and reflect in all aspects being negative and positive. This gives you the ability to have a quality home life and work-life balance, as well as to improve within your role.
  2. Case Recording - Always make sure to keep up to date with written work and note-taking. This helps to ensure that any information isn’t missed that could cause drift of the child’s life.
  3. Best Working Practice - To ensure that no one is discriminated against, everyone is to be treated fairly and equally at all times no matter what their circumstances. Whether you are engaging with a child, their family or any professionals it is important to have a good working relationship with them.