Marcia - Professional Practice Educator

Name: Marcia Squire Wood 

Job Role: Practice Educator

Year Qualified: 1996 

Why I became a social worker. 

I left school at 16 wanting to become a Nursery Nurse and with dreams of becoming a nanny abroad. The school careers advisor stated, “getting on the course was difficult” and he didn’t think I would be successful. At the age of 23, I was a qualified Nursery Nurse nannying abroad in Germany.  

I later aspired to become a police officer working within the child protection unit, However, I was advised by my work colleagues that I would make a good social worker as I demonstrated the ability to tackle social injustice and was compassionate. 

Embarking on my social work degree in Birmingham enabled me to combine my passion of travel as I studied in Copenhagen for seven months, undertaking a placement with ethnic minority women who were fleeing domestic violence was a highlight of my social work career. My academic journey would not have been the same with an excellent practice educator who enabled me to critically reflect in a safe learning space. I am dedicated and passionate about my role as practice educator within the social work academy as embark on this next stage of my social work career. 

As a mother of a disabled daughter, I am reminded of good and sometimes poor social work practice on a regular basis, and this inspires me to be part of the solution of shaping social work practitioners who adhere to the social work values and principles enshrined within Social Work England. 

Three Tips for our ASYEs: 

  1. Remembering the importance of critical reflection and the power that you have as a social worker and the need to use it wisely. 
  2. I have learned over the years that knowledge is powerful and the importance of commitment to your continued professional development. 
  3. Recognising the child and family perspective and the impact that your involvement as a social worker will have on theirs lives. They are not just “ cases”.