Claudine - Experienced Social Worker

Name: Claudine

Job Role: Experienced Social Worker

Year qualified: 2020

Why I became a social worker: 

To help and protect children within the local community of Coventry.

To help young people and children feel empowered to make positive choices and decisions in their own lives and to ensure that the young people and children of Coventry can live a fulfilled, safe, and meaningful life based on their own aspirations and dreams.

To help guide and support vulnerable individuals.

Three tips for achieving good social work practice: 

  1. Build good positive relationships with Children and their families before discussing any plans to help with risks, worries or concerns.
  2. Never prejudge a situation, always ask, and clarify be inquisitive and have a passion in getting to know and understand your young people, children and families.
  3. Take time to reflect on your practice and life experiences always ask what would I change? How can I improve? What would make a bigger and better difference?