Liz Burns - Team Manager

Name: Liz Burns

Job role: Team Manager 

Year qualified (as SW): 2010

Why did you become a social worker?

I became a social worker as I wanted a career that was challenging but rewarding as well. I had worked in a school office for a number of years and saw working with children and families as something I was naturally drawn to and I felt I could make a difference being a social worker. Initially I wanted to work in adult mental health, however my final placement was in the Referral and Assessment team (RAS) in Coventry which is where I developed my passion for working with children and their families.

Three tips for our ASYEs:

  1. Allow yourself time to reflect on the work you are doing to ensure the best decisions are made.
  2. It is okay to not know something…ask for support and be curious in sourcing the answer.
  3. Make sure you take time for yourself.