Anne Winn - Professional Practice Educator

Name: Anne Winn
Job role:  Professional Practice Educator
Year Qualified: 1980

Why I became a social worker:

I remember in secondary school, being the only one to say I wanted to become a social worker. I find it hard to believe that I am still here doing a job which I love – never a dull moment, every day is completely different. I had ideas about helping others and making life better for children and their families. It turned out to be far more complex and interesting than I could ever have dreamed and continues to be an ongoing journey. I had a placement working with young people to set up a National Association for Young People in Care and supported them to challenge issues around their care and run a national conference, it was an inspiring time when there was lots of opportunity to work creatively and critically question practice. I have worked in a variety of social work roles within Coventry since qualifying.

I am now in the role of supporting and encouraging those starting on their social work journey and inspiring experienced practitioners to provide social work placements for students. It is a privilege to be involved in developing dedicated and enthusiastic practitioners in this challenging work. I continue to strive towards those early values in my day to day work in the Social Work Academy   

Three tips for achieving good social work practice:

  1. Listen carefully to what children and their families are saying is happening, don’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions, they are the experts of their own experience.
  2. Seek support to talk through what you are doing in supervision, take time to critically reflect on your own practice to inform your decision making.
  3. Explore different theories and methods, keep your social work values in mind and continue to be open to new ideas.