Coventry City Council’s ‘One Coventry Plan’ sets out our vision and priorities for the city, based on our commitments to the people of Coventry and the things that residents have told us are most important. It is more focused on the needs and aspirations of our communities than ever before. The Plan builds on the progress that has been made since it was last updated in 2016, the challenges faced and anticipated; and emerging opportunities.

For many residents, the Council represents the people who empty their bins, maintain the parks and roads, keep the streetlights on, look after older people, vulnerable children, and support people who are homeless, etc. These are all essential services and a significant part of what we do. However, we also play a key role in improving the city and making it a better place to live and work – this plan sets out how we intend to do this in the decade ahead.

The role of the Council is changing; and the narrative of this Plan sets out clearly the things that we can and cannot do, as well as the things that can only be delivered if we all play our part and work together to ensure that Coventry continues to be a great city.