Council's role as a partner, enabler and leader

Ensure the Council plays a key role as a civic leader. Recognise that our relationships with local residents, communities, and partners (public, private, and voluntary sectors, schools, colleges and universities) and as an employer have never been more critical.

We will do this by:

  • Playing a leading role in responding to national and regional policy for local government, leading on innovative approaches to working differently and offering opportunities for others to learn from the work that we do.
  • We will take the time to engage and listen to residents, businesses, communities and partners to ensure, we approach issues and opportunities in a One Coventry way. We will demonstrate our values in every interaction we make with people.
  • Acting as a system leader across the children's system to galvanise partners to enable better-integrated outcomes for children.  Particularly with Health Partners, the education partnership, and the Police.
  • Working with residents and communities, listening to their ideas, and coming together to find solutions to challenges faced, making a positive difference to their lives and environment, such as cleaner and liveable neighbourhoods.
  • Leading and co-ordinating Coventry's response on how the city tackles challenges and opportunities associated with climate change and the necessary transition to a zero-carbon economy and benefitting from ongoing public investment.
  • Leading the delivery of aspirational investments through regional partnerships including the Gigafactory in Coventry and the investment and diversification of the Automotive and advanced manufacturing supply chain to move towards the requirements of an electrified industry.
  • Working with partner organisations to improve the quality of the lives of local residents, enabling them to live in the community wherever possible by investing in community support and building community capacity. Improving services through listening to our residents and partners, investing in digital provision and making the most effective use of collective resources through integration.
  • Driving inclusive growth and support healthier, better connected and more prosperous communities. 
  • Ensuring Coventry delivers a lasting legacy from the opportunities as UK City of Culture 2021 and host city for the Commonwealth Games 2022.
  • Enabling residents to grow their resilience and capacity, so local people can determine solutions that best support the lives they want to live. Ensuring residents are able to access the right support, in the right place, at the right time, and are well placed, equipped, and able to access the opportunities of the future.
  • Being a lead partner and applicant for new public funding opportunities to support business investment, skills development, and employment support.
  • Working with partners to increase access to a range of online and community-based activities for children and young people within the city.

We want our residents and communities to help us deliver this plan by:

  • Engaging with the Council and partners on key issues and work collaboratively, using city-wide resources to overcome them
  • Taking responsibility for your area by working closely with others in your communities to resolve local issues
  • Telling us if anything in your area is concerning you

If we are successful, the difference you can expect to see is:

  • Strong and effective partnerships that enable the successful delivery of our One Coventry Plan priorities:
    • increasing the economic prosperity of the city and region
    • improving outcomes and tackling inequalities within our communities
    • tackling the causes and consequences of climate change
  • Regional and national recognition of the city, and its approach to partnership working