Increasing the economic prosperity of the city and region

Developing and building on the strength of our city’s economy to deliver inclusive growth, supporting businesses to innovate, grow and scale up. Capitalising on the green technological revolution to create more local jobs.

We will do this by:

  • Working with the existing businesses in the city to grow and expand, creating new jobs and becoming more resilient to fluctuations in the economy.
  • Working to secure new inward investment in the city, businesses looking to grow and expand in the UK. Marketing Coventry as an attractive place to invest and create new jobs.
  • Actively supporting residents through tailored programmes and initiatives to improve their skills (targeting skills as required) and secure better jobs and help people out of work into work.
  • Working with the education system to ensure an understanding of the future job market and implement appropriate pathways to employment for adults with mental ill health, disabilities, carers and new migrants to the city, young people from diverse backgrounds and all young people aged 14+.
  • Working with businesses investing in new technologies and innovations across the city, providing public investment, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Working with our businesses and communities to deliver a strong and tangible legacy of opportunity from UK City of Culture 2021 and the Commonwealth Games 2022.
  • When delivering projects across the city we will, where possible, prioritise jobs and skills for local people, use local small businesses and source materials as locally as possible to try to ensure inward investment into the local area.
  • We will create a sustainable, inclusive transport infrastructure, attracting businesses to invest. This will focus on a substantially improved public transport network, an environment that is much more suited to walking and cycling and harnessing transport links at the forefront of innovation.
  • Continuing to improve the city and develop projects that enable local neighbourhoods to play their part in our economic success.
  • Working with partners to ensure the continued provision of high-quality affordable housing throughout the city.
  • Working with registered providers, charities, and community organisations to deliver more social housing for those who need it most. We will explore options around community-led housing projects, putting meaningful community involvement at the heart of new housing development.
  • We will continue to ensure our city centre remains clean and tidy and offers a diverse range of experiences for residents and visitors to enjoy. By ensuring a high standard of city centre we will continue to attract investment and development making the city a liveable, green and safe place to thrive.
  • Including Social Value qualitative criteria in its tender activity to capture social value commitments specifically offered in relation to the city of Coventry and the tender opportunity advertised. The commitments sought through tender activity will align to the Council’s Social Value & Sustainability Policy, including but not limited to; number of apprenticeships offered, increased diversity of employees, working with SMEs, and reduction of carbon footprint.

We want our residents and communities to help us deliver this plan by:

  • Taking up training opportunities available to develop skills
  • Participating in job opportunities and projects to play a part in the economic success of the city
  • Support local businesses by buying locally

If we are successful, the difference you can expect to see is:

  • A sustainable, growing and prosperous economy
  • A vibrant city centre with increasing visitors
  • People accessing training opportunities and getting into and remaining in employment
  • More education and training opportunities available for young people aged 16+
  • Levels of poverty and deprivation in the city decreasing
  • More housing in the city
  • Increased investment in the city, attracting more new businesses