Continued financial sustainability of the Council

Ensuring the Council’s financial resources are aligned with key priorities in a way that enables us to maintain a strong and sustainable financial position.  

We will do this by:

  • Balancing future budgets and identifying financial plans that can meet the needs of residents and communities and manage the cost of services that have a high financial risk.
  • Managing new expenditure pressures by challenging traditional service delivery methods in the first instance.
  • Pursuing a balanced portfolio of commercial activities and financial support to external programmes that are aligned to
    our priorities.
  • Maximising external funding opportunities, including capital investment and collection of income.
  • Implementing a prioritised programme of change to enhance our digital offer.
  • Establishing an engaged, inclusive workforce in collaboration with our employees. To be an employer of choice that is diverse, reflective of our communities, that together works with partners to improve working lives and experience.
  • Retaining and developing talented staff with effective succession planning including the development of an agile, flexible, and responsive workforce that is representative of our local communities, to meet service needs.
  • Focus on ways that involve teams working collaboratively across service boundaries and optimising a whole Council approach.

We want our residents and communities to help us deliver this plan by:

  • Accessing services digitally where possible

If we are successful, the difference you can expect to see is:

  • A balanced budget, minimising the level of service savings and reserve contributions required
  • Growth in commercial income
  • An engaged workforce that is representative of our communities