Street scene

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Abandoned vehicles

We inspect and remove abandoned vehicles from the streets of Coventry.

Removal of obstructive vehicles

The removal of vehicles where resurfacing and maintenance is taking place.

Spillages and debris

We are responsible for keeping the highway clean and free from spillages.

Sewer blockages and maintenance

Information about private and public sewer blockages and maintenance.


Coventry has a zero tolerance policy toward people who discard litter.

Litter bins

How to report a problem with a litter bin.

Leaf clearance

We are responsible for removing fallen leaves from thousands of trees in parks, open spaces and along the city's highways.


We maintain most grass verges adjacent to roads.


Graffiti is an illegal, anti-social activity that creates a negative impression of an area and contributes to people's fear of crime.


Fly-posting is illegal, spoils both public and private property and can be very costly to remove.


How to report flytipping in your neighbourhood. 

Clear pavements

Help us to keep your pavements obstruction-free.


We are responsible for keeping weed growth under control on Council owned land and some schools.


There are a wide variety of hawthorn, beech, holly and privet hedges in Coventry that we own and maintain.

Grass cutting and shrub beds

About our cutting and planting schedules.

Discarded needles or syringes

What to do if you find a needle or syringe in a public place.

Public Space Protection Orders (PSCO)

What PSPOs do and how we are implementing them.

Gating schemes

Guidance for residents considering the installation of security gates.

Unauthorised encampments

We can only deal with unauthorised encampments on land we own – such as parks, public car parks and roads.

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