(Talpa europaea)

Biology and behaviour

The mole is found throughout mainland Britain wherever soil conditions allow for tunnelling and foraging for food. Moles live almost entirely underground and are common in grasslands and deciduous woodland but will happily gain access to playing fields, golf courses, cemeteries and gardens.

They have a diet of mainly earthworms, but will also eat slugs and insect larvae.

Moles are solitary in their habits and generally only meet for the purpose of breeding between the months of February - June. The young leave the nest when they are five weeks old.


  • Black velvety fur
  • Cylindrical bodies 12-16 cm long
  • Large spade like forefeet

Signs to look for:

  • The most obvious signs of mole activity is the mounds of loose soil associated with mole activity.
  • Possible sightings in the breeding season above ground


There are two main methods of control for moles, trapping or poisoning, although there are strict controls over the use of poison and this is generally not allowed in public areas.

  • Trapping is usually the safest and most effective way of getting rid of moles. These should be set up by a pest control worker.
  • There are some devices that are said to keep moles away by interfering with the Earth's magnetic field and others say disturbing tunnels with bottles or prickly plants can help, but there is no proof that these ways work.

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