Honey bees/bumble bees

We do not treat bees

As bees are now in decline we are all encouraged not to treat bee swarms or nests.

Bees have an important role to play in our environment as they are partly responsible for pollinating flowers and fruit trees. Without the bees doing this, fruit, flowers and vegetables would also go into decline.

A danger in treating a bees' nest is that when the nest is empty, other bees may take the honey which has become contaminated with insecticide from the treated nest back to their own hive. This can then kill those bees and lead to contaminated honey in the food process.

Bees are, as a rule, normally non aggressive and will only sting as a last resort.

Further information is available from The British BeeKeepers Association.


The treatment of honey bees/bumble bees should only be done as a last resort and possibly best left to a professional private Pest Control Company to carry out this treatment.

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