Council Tax Support (CTS)

***We are currently contacting people by email who may be eligible for Council Tax Support and other Government support like Universal Credit or Pension Credit. If you receive an email for this reason it will say "You may be entitled to help with your council tax payments. If you'd like us to check whether you're eligible for Council Tax Support please simply reply "yes" to this email...." and is a genuine email from Coventry City Council***


Council Tax Support is a means tested discount which helps low income households with the cost of Council Tax payments.

The Government sets the rules which tells us how much CTS can be paid to people of pension age, and Coventry City Council is responsible for setting the Council Tax Support scheme for working age households

  • Pension age: You may be entitled to up to 100% Council Tax Support if you or your partner is a pensioner.
  • Working age: If you or your partner are of working age you will have to make a contribution towards your Council Tax bill.

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About our Council Tax Support scheme 2024-25

The Council consulted on a new Council Tax Support scheme for working age households for 2024-25. The proposed new scheme was agreed by full Council on 20 February 2024. 

Pension age households (those aged 66 or over) will not see any changes as the rules for this group are set by the Government.

For working age households, from 1 April 2024 the most you can receive in Council Tax Support is 80% of your Council Tax bill. The amount each household will have to pay towards the Council Tax will depend on their individual household circumstances.

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Main changes taking effect from 1 April 2024

1. Reduction of the maximum Council Tax Support (CTS) a household can receive from 85% to 80%

For working age households, the maximum CTS entitlement that a working age household can receive will be 80% of their Council Tax Bill.

2. Introduction of an income banded scheme for all working age households

The amount of CTS that you can receive will depend on what “income band” your household income falls into.

The income banded scheme will award CTS based upon the household’s excess income rather than the income coming into the household.

Excess income is calculated by comparing the total household income against the “applicable amount”. The applicable amount is the amount of money the Government says a household requires to meet their basic needs. Most importantly, the applicable amount will vary depending on age, family size and any specific circumstances such as whether someone in the household is disabled or a carer. 

For example: 

Total income coming into the household is £250 per week.

Applicable amount is £220 per week.

This means, the household’s excess income is £30 per week. 

This household would fall into income band 2 and receive a CTS award of 65% of their Council Tax liability after any non-dependant deductions.

Excess income bands and the maximum Council Tax Support award


Weekly excess income threshold

CTS award (% of council tax bill after any non-dependant deductions)


£0 up to £15



£15 up to £40



£40 up to £70



£70 up to £80



£80 or more


We may make further deductions if you have other adults living in your property.

3. Changes to the level of income we disregard (ignore) for working age households 

If you or your partner are working, an “earnings disregard” is applied when calculating your CTS entitlement. This reduces the weekly income that we use when working out how much CTS to award.

Earnings disregards from 1 April 2024


Weekly disregard





Disabled / Carer


Lone Parent


Council Tax Support Scheme 

Read full details of our current scheme  Council Tax Support scheme 2024-25 for working-age customers.

Read full details of our previous scheme  Council Tax Support Scheme 2023-24 for working-age customers.

Second Adult Rebate 

Second Adult Rebate can be claimed by people of pension age. Second Adult Rebate is paid to single people (or people who are treated as single) who are liable to pay Council Tax (but not entitled to Council Tax Support in their own right) but have someone living with them who does not share liability, and who is on a low income. 

Second Adult rebate is calculated on the gross income of the second adult(s) and no account is taken of the liable person's income or capital. The amount of rebate you get depends on the income of the adult living with you.

You cannot be awarded both main Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate at the same time; a comparison is made and you will receive the higher of the two.

Can I claim Second Adult Rebate?

If you are of pension age, your income or capital is too high and you are not entitled to claim Council Tax Support in your own right, you can make a claim for a second adult rebate if you have another adult living with you who is:

  • Aged 18 or over.
  • Not liable to pay the claimant's rent for living in the accommodation.
  • Not a person who is disregarded for discount purposes, e.g. a person who is severely mentally impaired.
  • Not the claimant's partner (married or unmarried).
  • Not liable to pay Council Tax for the household.

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Your Council Tax Bill

A 25% discount applies to all single households. Exemptions apply for people who are severely mentally impaired and live on their own.

You will receive your Council Tax bill in March telling you how much you have to pay.

How to pay your Council Tax.

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